EAP Malaysia’s Response To The Arrest of Young Man With Autism

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It is very unfortunate for both families involved in the recent incident in Kuala Lumpur, involving a 22-year old man with autism, Ahmad Ziqri, who was arrested after being accused of molesting another woman. In light of the recent events, we at EAP were asked for our perspective by a number of media reporters and so we would like to share our thoughts on the matter, as well as to recommend various strategies that would equip other individuals with autism with the expected behaviours and appropriate social skills with regards to this matter…

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EAP Social Skills Group Classes

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Social Skills is something children with autism struggle with. Whether it is having a proper play time with their siblings or peers, or going out to a restaurant for a meal with their family, or even just enjoying a birthday party, children with autism struggle to interact like how typical children would. Here at EAP Malaysia, to ensure that our kids to grow up learning how to share, take turns and interact appropriately with their friends and family, we have set up Social Skills Group Classes. These classes are specially designed to cater to the different needs of the children. …

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