[FEATURE VIDEO] Millennials of KL: Guiding Kids With Autism

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One of our team, Stephanie Wan, was recently featured on Millennials of Kuala Lumpur, in conjunction with Autism Awareness Month! In this video, Stephanie shares about why she chose to work with children with autism, and her journey as a behaviour therapist so far. Do like and share this video, and let’s continue spreading awareness on autism and promoting acceptance of people with autism! Enjoy the video!

Guiding Kids with Autism

“What highlights my days is just watching the way that they’re happy, how they say funny things, or do silly things.They don’t realise how much they give back to me. I get to be someone who’s meaningful and can make a difference for them.“This video is released in conjunction with Autism Awareness Month.Special thanks to Early Autism Project Malaysia for hosting us. –Facebook►►►►►►►►–Have a story to share? Let us know at:

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