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July 2017

How To Successfully Have A Family Portrait Session With Your Child With Autism

By applied-behavioural-analysis, daily-living-skills, resource

Family photographs are important to most families in keeping special memories and recording milestones of their children. However, a family photography session can have its’ challenges even for children with typical development. It may be difficult to successfully meet the demands of a photography session from having to deal with the multiple verbal instructions from parents and the photographer, fulfill the different poses and possibly costume change as well as tolerate the length of the photo shoot!

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What’s Up With The Fidget Spinner?

By autism-awareness, resource

“Hey, check out my new fidget spinner! It has red and blue lights!”, “Mummy, all my friends have a fidget spinner, why can’t I have one too?”. These comments may be familiar to most school teachers and parents of children of the current generation. Everywhere we go, we see kids (and even adults!) walking around with this spinning device placed between their thumb and index finger and being spun as they stare at it with fascination.

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