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EAP Resource – DIY Christmas Wreath

By December 16, 2015 December 31st, 2018 No Comments

In conjunction with this festive season, here’s a simple arts and crafts you can do with your child! It’s safe with little chance of failure, and most of all, fun! There are many ways to make your very own Christmas wreath, but here’s one of the most simple ways to do so.

Things needed:

  • Coloured paper
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Stapler


  • Cut the coloured paper into strips of about 3-4cm (width of strips depends on individual’s preference).
  • Using the edge of a ruler, curl the strips of paper.
  • Staple the curled strips of paper together to form a circle (as shown in the diagram above).
  • Make a bow with the ribbon and attach it to the top of the wreath using the stapler.
  • Hang up your DIY Christmas wreath on your door!

Merry Christmas!