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September 2015

EAP Social Skills Group Class

By services, social-play-skills

Children with autism normally struggle with social skills, whether it is playing nicely with their peers and siblings, or enjoying a birthday party. Here at EAP Malaysia, we want to make sure that our kids grow up having learnt how to share, take turns and most importantly, interact appropriately with their friends and families. Therefore, we have set up Social Skills Group Classes for our kids, with different group classes catering to the different needs of the children.

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EAP Resource – How to Make Slime in 5 Minutes

By resource

Here is another quick project that you can whip up for your kids, especially for sensory play and even interactive and peer play! You can also make this with your kids as this is a pretty safe DIY project, but do ensure that there is heavy supervision, and that the Borax, slime and any fingers involved are kept away from the eyes, nose and mouth.

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EAP Hooray Moment

By eap-team, real-life-stories

Here at EAP Malaysia, we believe in honouring and celebrating moments, big or small. Whether it is one of our kids saying “mummy” or “daddy” for the first time, or learning how to use communication appropriately, or a team member that stands out, we want to celebrate each and every victory and milestone.

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EAP Resource – Handprint Art Ideas

By resource, social-play-skills

Just like any typical children, children with autism love getting involved, getting messy, and getting creative in their own ways. After all, that is what childhood is all about! There are many ways a child with autism can learn and have fun at the same time, and one of the ways we can get creative with our kids include paint! Did you know that with just your hands and paint, you can create over a hundred different handprint art, including animals, characters and greeting cards?

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